finally an industry-strategic plan to educate your staff with the knowledge of iso management policies,

A comprehensive educational plan for your staff, geared towards understanding the process of management procedures in order to keep up with ISO standards.

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Dear business owner,

Do you find that your staff lack adequate training and knowledge of ISO management systems?

By ignoring this responsibility, you could face:

  •  legal repercussions;

  •  decreased staff morale and;

  •  an increase in workplace accidents; 

  •  increased absence;

You see, 

Inadequately trained employees are likely to experience poor job performance and increased levels of work-related stress.

What is ISO training? 

ISO training allows organizations to streamline and optimize their in-house training processes.

It promotes any organization to:

  • Identify the proper training needs.

  • Effectively train employees on ongoing processes.

  • improve loyalty and staff retention. 

  • Result in better customer service, better work safety
    practices and the productivity improves. 

  • Track and manage employees training growth.

invest in your team to Be an
Expert on ISO Policies

Our team is comprised of expert professionals who on average have seventeen years of experience meeting the needs of organizations looking to implement ISO policies.

With an innovative teaching strategy, these professionals can teach aspiring candidates how to meet their organization's requirements when it comes to ISO policies.

    our delivery

    To develop manpower and to enable our clients to sustain the management systems that we built, we engage in training services. Our training services are designed and tailored to meet our client’s need.


    Our team will come to your company and train your staff on IS0 policies so that you can keep up with standards.


    Our team will train your staff online on IS0 policies so that you can keep up with standards.

    ISO Certification Training Courses 

    We conduct foundation level, internal auditor, lead implementer and Lead auditor trainings for the following:

    ISO 9001 Certification Course
    Exam Included: Yes
    •  ISO 9001 Foundation

    Duration: 2 days

    •  ISO 9001 Lead Auditor

    Duration: 5 days

    •  ISO 9001 Internal Auditor

    Duration: 3 days

    •  ISO 9001 Lead Implementor

    Duration: 5 days

    ISO 45001 Certification Course
    Exam Included: Yes
    •  ISO 45001 Foundation

    Duration: 2 days

    •  ISO 45001 Lead Auditor

    Duration: 5 days

    •  ISO 45001 Internal Auditor

    Duration: 3 days

    •  ISO 45001 Lead Implementor

    Duration: 5 days

    ISO 14001 Certification Course
    Exam Included: Yes
    •   ISO 14001 Foundation

    Duration: 2 days

    •   ISO 14001 Foundation

    Duration: 5 days

    •   ISO 14001 Foundation

    Duration: 3 days

    •   ISO 14001 Foundation

    Duration: 5 days

    ISO 27001 Certification Course
    Exam Included: Yes
    •  ISO 27001 Foundation

    Duration: 2 days

    •  ISO 27001 Lead Auditor

    Duration: 5 days

    •  ISO 27001 Internal Auditor

    Duration: 3 days

    •  ISO 27001 Lead Implementor

    Duration: 5 days

    ISO 22301 Certification Course
    Exam Included: Yes
    •  ISO 22301 Foundation

    Duration: 2 days

    •  ISO 22301 Lead Auditor

    Duration: 5 days

    •  ISO 22301 Internal Auditor

    Duration: 3 days

    •  ISO 22301 Lead Implementor

    Duration: 5 days

    ISO 37301 Certification Course
    Exam Included: Yes
    •   ISO 37301 Foundation

    Duration: 2 days

    •   ISO 37301 Foundation

    Duration: 5 days

    •   ISO 37301 Foundation

    Duration: 3 days

    •   ISO 37301 Foundation

    Duration: 5 days


    You see,

    Relying on inexperienced consultants to execute your staff training could cost your business opportunities and low-quality audits. 

    BeasKonsult is a global organization dedicated to assisting client with providing them the business-related solutions they need. We specialize in getting organizations certified.

    Our trainings are administered in partnership with our international partners such as: Personnel Evaluation and Certification Board (PECB); ADVISERA (Exemplar Global Certification); World Learns Here (TUV SUD Certification) and TNV Certification PVT Ltd (Exemplar Global Certification).

    What is included in Our ISO Courses 

    •  A course completion certificate.

    •  Our experienced instructors will teach you all about ISO Standards.

    •  ISO certification exam.

    •  Globally recognized standards.

    •  Practice exam to prepare for ISO certification exam.

    •  Flexible schedule – choose from weekday and weekend courses available for On-Site and live online 


    Gap Analysis 

    Before implementing an ISO Standard, it is important to know its strengths and weaknesses so that you can adjust your own systems or documents to make sure they align with the standard. This will provide you with a clear idea of what changes need to be made before achieving certification. 

    Scope and Design 

    Now it's time to identify possible solutions. Before we can know what, we want and if we're moving forward or backward, let's take a look at some of the steps taken so far. 


     In order to achieve compliance, we follow strict processes and procedures; going through all these steps day in and day out. 


    Train your people on what they need to do and teach them the standards. Regularly evaluate the quality system - are there some adjustments or changes that need to be made? Is it still working for you? If not, figure out how to make improvements based on those findings. 


    By providing third-party certification audit support, we make sure you're always certified. 


    Maintenance of the system to the extent agreed by your organization.

    We take our clients beyond the certification of their management systems to establishing a management system culture within the organization.  


    Affordable Quality Service

    We provide affordable quality products and services, and maximize customers’ satisfaction through quality management systems and leading-edge technology, thus building mutual trust with clients and ensuring seamless operations, while striving to conserve the natural environment. 

    Competent and Experienced

    We boast of competent, skilled and experienced personnel. Our personnel are experts in their respective fields with more than 5 years' experience. At BeasKonsult, “Mediocrity is not our thing”.

    Industry Tested Methodology

    Methodology follows acceptable best practice in the industry. Our technique is guaranteed to deliver the desired result on time at the right price.

    Strong Alliance

    Beaskonsult has built strong alliance with best in class and global leaders in the field of consulting, auditing, certification, marketing research and training services.

    Customer Focus

    We are inspired every day by successes and growth of our customers, and thus our main focus and goal is to support individuals and corporate organizations unrelenting.

    Extensive Experience

    We are trusted by many organizations around the globe for quality of execution, timeliness, professionalism, competence and value for money paid.

    here's what our happy 
    clients are saying about us

    "I have been using BeasKonsult and their systematic approach to certify our ISO 9001 Management System. With their help it was really seamless and so much simpler."

    Adeola Olufunso Tolase

    "We have been thoroughly impressed with the service offered by BeasKonsult. They are very skilled and knowledgeable on all of the ISO requirements, and they always go above and beyond to provide an excellent service."

    Segun Omoliki

    "BeasKonsult was absolutely essential in the ongoing development of our ISO Management. They were always there to help us to think through the steps, plan and execute. We are so grateful for their services."

    Gbemisola Grace

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    ISO is an international organization that has issued over 21,000 standards and boasts membership from 162 countries.
    Yes, we always strive to make sure all of our clients are happy and satisfied. We offer on-site training for those who want to stay comfortable while they learn how to use our products/services.
    Yes, we've trained hundreds of delegates from some really big companies. So if you're looking for someone to train a bunch of people at once, we've got you covered.